10 Things you MUST do in San Francisco

I remember my first visit to San Francisco on Valentine’s Day in 2013, all I knew of San Francisco was the Golden Gate “Full House” (Tv show) will show in the intro of the show, my excitement was to the top. But at the moment my eyes experience the beauty of the Golden Gate for the first time was a moment I would never forget, I remember that specific moment like if it was yesterday and think… “Man! I’m here, I’m in AMERICA” it was something that I wouldn’t just be at home wishing to happen, it was a moment I was actually living with my own eyes. It was that moment where I completely fall in love with the city of San Francisco, everything around… The streets, walk by the bay, the Golden Gate, the Bay bridge at night, ride a cable car. Everything around was making San Francisco the most dreamy city.


Now, where can I start… So many things you can do in your first visit to San Francisco. But here are the main points you definitely have to see!

#1 Union Square

Getting a Hotel at Union Square is a great idea to start your travel in San Francisco, Union Square is in the center of the city so is very beneficial to go everywhere from there. There are a lot stores as well around to go shopping , also you will find very good restaurants around to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner.



You can’t leave San Francisco without going in a Cable Car! Once you have walk around the Union Square you can wait for the next cable car, that will take you to your next stop. I will highly recommend to take advantage of the public transportation! Driving a car in San Francisco can turn in a headache since the spaces are very limited to find parking … and also it can turn to be too expensive to be paying for a parking lot.

IMG_2682 1.JPGIMG_2671.JPG

#3 Lombard Street

Known as the “Crookedest Street in the World,”this is the most famous street of San Francisco for having the most number of hairpin turns as the street descends the hill, it has a total of 8 hairpins bends. Even thought Lombard Street is the most famous and most visited by millions of tourist every year the true is the Lombard Street is not the most Crookedest Street, that honor goes to Vermont Avenue having only 7 sharp curves.



One of the busiest and well known tourist attractions, if you are a fish/seafood lover you will find very well known restaurants that serve fresh seafood! Is at the Pier 39 where you can select a diversity of tours the bay can offer , I totally recommend you to take one! I didn’t took one until maybe my 9th visit to San Francisco and after that I’d love them!


If you stop a Pier 39 make sure you visit the Sea Lions 🙂


#5 Alcatraz Inland

I have to admit history has never been my favorite subject but once I hear about something or simple as I watch a movie regarding a Historical event you will have me re searching the whole internet about it. That was exactly what happen when I hear for the first time about the Alcatraz (I even rent the movie haha)

Well, I’m not even too good about how to explain in a very professional historical way the history of the Alcatraz haha but let’s say this :  The Alcatraz used to be a federal prison where the most wanted man would end up at until June 11, 1962. A man called Frank Lee Morris made the most historical escape of all the times from a Maximum security Prison “The Alcatraz”.


#6 Palace of Fine Arts Theather

I swear the first I visited the Palace for some reason I felt like I was in Europe something like Rome. It gives you that feeling after seen such a beautiful Monumental Structure, I was lucky enough to see it during day and at night and my favorite was at night! But during the day don’t hesitate to go there take a good book, your lunch and it such a peaceful environment to simply enjoy a good afternoon.


#7 Beautiful Golden Gate

Okay Okay, is not a secret the Golden Gate has and will always be one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. I visited every point of the Golden Gate… Up, bottom, right, left, drive thru it haha you name it! I saw every single corner of the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Bridge View
Driving Thru The Golden Gate
View from Fort Point
View from Marshall Beach

#8 Bay Bridge

Even though the Bay Bridge is a connection from San Francisco to Oakland is where you are going to find one of the most beautiful Views from San Francisco – Treasure Inland. Like the Golden Gate you might have different views from the Bay Bridge and see it at night is a MUST! Not counting the is one of the most romantic views San Francisco will offer you.

View from Treasure Inland
View from The Port of San Francisco

#9 Mount Davidson Cross

One of the most popular view of San Francisco, you will need to be ready with a pair of nikes since there is a quite small hike to get that view. I can assure you ; You won’t regret once you are at the top and have that beautiful view!


#10 Experience the Hills of San Francisco

Of course one of the things that describe San Francisco is all those hill that are going up and down, make sure to take part of your day and walk around… Don’t be scared to get lost in the city, that’s where you find and make the best and more unexpected memories of every trip.


If you haven’t visit San Francisco, you should!!! Life is short do never forget to take advantage of all the adventures Life can offer .

With Love Yuri


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Welcome to my Page! My name is Yuri and I'm 28 years old, Im happily married. One of my favorite things to do is Travel! I love to go and explore new cities, get to know different cultures and of course try all the goodies! I just recently move to Italy! i know super exiting… And i finally decided to start a Travel blog, in this blog you will see traveling and my daily life as I'm now a married woman. Im not a writer, so you might find not a perfect writing , I was born and race in the beautiful country of El Salvador. Moved to the state of California when i was sixteen. 2 years ago I met my husband while he was working in Seattle, WA. And the rest is history… you will be reading of our Story little by little. With Love Yuri.

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