Beautiful Napoli

There is a famous quote that says “See Naples and then die,” Because after seen Napoli that is one of the most beautiful and rich with the Italian culture you might have seen in all. This was the first city I got to know back in 2015 in my first visit to Italy , is the city where I got proposed for marriage, the city that my husband proudly call his home since he was raised and born in Naples.

Naples is situated in the South area of Italy, is the third largest city in Italy after Roma and Milan. And even you might read and hear not too very nice things about Napoli I decided to write this blog to show more than what people around the world have to say. Coming from a very small country once I enter the city of Napoli I could feel at home, I remember to see a busy big city full of people, a lot small business around. You can see those old buildings full of history , the city is situated by the Mediterranean Sea so you have this beautiful view of the sea. If you are fan of fish you will love to visit one the restaurants next to the sea and try the exquisites plates (Im not so much fan of fish hehe) but for what i have hear there is not better fish than that one in Napoli. Lets not talk about all the good sweetness around! I’m for sure a fan of sweet hehe. Something I admired and respect of the Neapolitan culture is how proud everyone is to be Neapolitan, proud of their dialect. Once you visit Napoli you might notice a change on their accent and that is because there are still a lot people in Napoli that speaks a dialect. Don’t be intimidating people in Napoli are the sweetest.





The castle was built in 1282 by Pierre de Chaulness and and Pierre d’Angincourt in behalf of Charles I of Anjou. Sadly the king died before he got to moved in, So his son Charles II took possession not only of the castle by the entire kingdom of Naples.

Price 6€ , to be able to see inside the castle.




museo-cappella-sanseveroCAPPELLA SANSEVERO

The Capella Sansevero located on Via Francesco de Sanctis 19 in the Historic Center of Naples. One the most beautiful places in Napoli , It contains works of art by some of the italian leading in the 18th Century.



piazza-plebiscito-napoli-696x464     PIAZZA DEL PLEBISCITO 

If you visit Naples you can miss Piazza de Plebiscito , is one of most visited by every tourist.




naples-capodimonteMUSEO DI CAPODIMONTE 

One of the best collections of Art you will find in Naples, not to mention that right outside the museum is an extend it park where you can just go for a walk and enjoy the quite to read a book.





The famous Marguetita was first created in 1889 in Naples, Italy. When Esposito was called to created a pizza for Italian King Humberto I and Queen Marguerita. which ingredients are Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil. Until today is still Called Marguerita.




This is just some of the Locations you can visit in Naples while your visit, but definitely have more than this. You will find a lot of Art, Museums, Culture and delicious Pizza! I will be saving some other locations and foods for a future blog.


With Love Yuri.


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Welcome to my Page! My name is Yuri and I'm 28 years old, Im happily married. One of my favorite things to do is Travel! I love to go and explore new cities, get to know different cultures and of course try all the goodies! I just recently move to Italy! i know super exiting… And i finally decided to start a Travel blog, in this blog you will see traveling and my daily life as I'm now a married woman. Im not a writer, so you might find not a perfect writing , I was born and race in the beautiful country of El Salvador. Moved to the state of California when i was sixteen. 2 years ago I met my husband while he was working in Seattle, WA. And the rest is history… you will be reading of our Story little by little. With Love Yuri.

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